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New Release!

Fully customized golf-performance progressions.

High quality exercise & training videos.

User-friendly interface.

Convenient and cost-effective.

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Custom program design by Golf Digest Top 50 Trainer Lenny Mello

now on your iPhone or Android!



Drive Longer and Live Stronger with PILLARSPORT Mobile

    The convenient, cost-effective way to add expertly designed golf-specific training to your busy 

      in-season playing schedule- on your own time, in your own space,

and in the palm of your hand!



PILLARSPORT Mobile Programming:

PHSP Golf Fitness Screen (60min)

TPI Golf Fitness Screen; Functional Movement Screen  ......$150

PHSP Performance Diagnostic (~90min)

add 2D Swing Video; 3D Motion Capture …........... $250    


STEP 1:  Body - Swing Connection

STEP 2:    Monthly Programming & Follow-up

4-week Customized Program Design

Customized 4-week mobile workouts,

1-hr. Private Training- One (1) monthly 1-on-1 training & re-evaluation session.

designed to accommodate your practice, play and lifestyle.

1-month mobile programming…….. $195/mo.    

3-month mobile programming…….. $175/mo.

6-month mobile programming…….. $165/mo.

The one-time “Body - Swing Connection”  is the cornerstone of the program required

to identify any physical restrictions and deficiencies, as well as your personal swing

characteristics and power sources.  It not only sets baseline measurements at the outset

of your mobile training program, but it is imperative for effective and safe program design.


If you don’t assess, it’s just a guess!


Schedule yours today:

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(502) GOLF-FIT