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Online Training

Remote Coaching & Consulting 

Personalized programming that is convenient and cost-effective.

3 cups


Online Coaching via:

Your own personal Training Space using Edufii

Exercise videos on

Video conferencing with FaceTime or Skype.

1½ cups



Personalized online programming provides you with PillarSport expertise and guidance when you're on the go, keeping you focused and your workouts targeted on your health and performance goals.  Cutting edge and easy-to-use coaching platforms will keep your program fresh and challenging, with timely feedback and updates shared via multiple media.

Your private workout portal at will be your home base for Screen results online exercise videos.  Based on your preferred programming option, your Workout Calendar can be updated 1x per month or as often as weekly, and it is accessible online or on your mobile device. 


Audio, video, text, and all your data analysis tools can be integrated into one local training space on Edufii.  This easy to use platform is accessible on all of your devices from desktop to mobile phone, and allows for rapid sharing from coach to client and vice versa.


Video-conferencing sessions are available as needed to address questions, problems, or technical issues via Skype or FaceTime.

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