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Junior Golf & Athletic Development

PillarSport adheres to the philosophy and practice of TPI's Long-Term Athletic Development model for golf:
"Develop athletes first, create competitive golfers second, and produce a love for the game along the way!"

Functional Movement Skills + Functional Sport Skills = Physical Literacy

Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD): 
"LTAD is the guide that helps us develop golfers from pre-puberty to retirement.  It focuses on having kids perform age-appropriate skill acquisition drills to maximize athletic potential, getting progressively more complicated and more specialized as the athlete develops and reaches the next level of development." -TPI
In other words, a child who develops a better base of Fundamental Movement Skills will develop golf-skills at a faster rate and peak at a higher level of expertise!
Windows of Trainability:
"Experts believe that there are critical periods in every child's life where certain skills can be learned at an accelerated rate, a window of opportunity that as a coach, we don't want to miss.  Even though training may be variable, there are critical times in every child's development that the body is more responsive to acquiring certain skills due to changing growth velocity" -TPI
You only have one chance
to exploit each of these training opportunities!
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