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Injury Prevention

& Post Rehab


Train Movement. Not muscles.

FMS tests seven basic movement patterns to reveal weaknesses and asymmetries that increase your chances for injury during exercise or everyday lifestyle. Once revealed by the screen, you can begin working out in a gentle, but highly targeted and effective program, with progressively increasing load and intensity.

Get Moving Right.  Now!

Don't confuse form with function. Weight training with muscle isolation is popular in bodybuilding because bodybuilding is about form, muscle size and symmetry are the goals. Sports and lifestyle, however, are about movement, therefore appropriate training for both should focus on movement patterns rather than individual muscles.

You don't have to be an athlete to suffer the aches and pains of age and activity.


By training functional movement patterns, muscles will develop naturally with symmetry and suppleness, providing a solid, athletic platform supporting strength, speed, agility, stamina, and power.

Turn back the clock on wear and tear with the Functional Movement Screen.

The Functional Movement Screen and correctives are a must for post-rehab patients to restore proper joint, muscular, and neuro-muscular movement patterns reducing the likelihood of future injury.