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Stay in the Game this Off-season

with new golf-specific group classes at PillarSport!

Beginning January 2020

1.  Adult Group Golf Performance  (60mins):

Mobility + Stability + Core Strength + Balance = More Distance & Pain Free Golf!

This guided class is open to players of all ages and abilities as you are working at your own preferred level of intensity.  You will learn cutting-edge exercises and drills to make you move better, feel better, improve your health and your ball-striking!

 Mondays - Wednesdays - Fridays    @ noon
 Tuesdays & Thursdays    @ 6:30pm

$25/class drop-in            $125/month unlimited

Call to Register!

(502) 465-3348

2.  Adult Speed to Hyper-Speed  (60mins, 2x/wk for 4 weeks):

Speed…  Speed…  And more Speed!

In this limited enrollment 4-week class, you will progress through the same progressions and protocols followed PGA Tour & World Long Drive champions, proven to generate bomb-dropping  power and clubhead speed!  As health and safety are paramount, each group is limited to 6 players, and advances through 4 levels of increasing intensity through the off-season, one 4-week progression at a time.  The group meets 2x/week, and each player is expected to complete weekly at-home follow up.

(Minimum of TPI Golf Fitness Screen required.  3D Performance Diagnostic recommended.)

Mondays & Thursdays    @ 5:30pm
$240/4-wk class

(+one-time initial TPI Physical Screen required)
Very limited class size.

Call to Register!

(502) 465-3348