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High Performance Golf & Pain-free Play

Drive Longer. Live Stronger.
It’s become mainstream knowledge.  It’s no longer taboo.
Countless data now show that most swing faults common among amateur golfers can be attributed to specific muscular, joint, or motor control dysfunction. 

Likewise, an inefficient golf swing can impart extreme and undue stress on muscles and joints causing acute and chronic pain, premature wear-and-tear, and increased likelihood for overuse injury.

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Make the "Body-Swing Connection"

to unlock your highest potential with Tour proven

methods, cutting-edge technology, and the trained eye of Golf Digest Top 50 Trainer Lenny Mello. 

TPI Mobility - Stability & Power Screens

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

2D Video Swing Analysis

3D Motion Capture

"If you don't assess, it's just a guess!"

Drive it longer, hit more consistent iron shots, and play pain-free golf again with evidence-based diagnostics and training protocols developed by the Titleist Performance Institute.  Since its inception in 2003, TPI has been recognized as the world leader in golf fitness.
And when it comes to TPI in Kentucky, PILLARSPORT does it best!

Drive Longer. Live Stronger

Body-Swing Connection



TPI GOLF FITNESS SCREEN (60 min):  TPI Mobility, Stability, & Power Screens, and 2D Swing Video Analysis.  Includes Findings Reports.  $175


PHSP PERFORMANCE DIAGNOSTIC (~90 min):  TPI Golf Fitness Screen plus  and 3D Motion Capture.  Includes Screen Findings Reports.  $295


An honest and objective training recommendation will be made to you based on the results

of your Screen Findings, your stated goals, and the 10+ years' experience of Lenny Mello.

PHSP PLAYER SERIES:  5-week (5 sessions) elemental corrective exercise program effective for increased range of motion, improved motor function, rapid and long-lasting pain relief.

PHSP TOUR SERIES:  5-week (10 sessions) golf specific functional training with ongoing evaluation and progression updates.

PHSP MASTERS SERIES:  10-week (20 sessions) corrective, functional exercise and power development program.



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