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PillarSport is powered by the skill and passion of Lenny Mello, the most experienced and highly credentialed TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor in Louisville.  His trained eye, advanced diagnostics, and innovative program design will help you achieve longer drives, better consistency, and pain-free golf!


Meet The Pro

TPI Pro Lenny Mello earned the most advanced level of Titleist Performance Institute certification in 2008 (CGFI FP-3), and was one of the first 250 TPI Certified Pros at that level in the world.

Prior to returning to his Louisville, KY home, he collaborated with some of the most senior TPI experts in the Palm Springs, California area, working with players of all skill levels including men & women, juniors & seniors, and elite athletes of the PGA and LPGA Tours.  Since April 2010, Lenny has established himself as the most trusted golf fitness expert in the Louisville area, helping players of all levels hit longer drives, achieve greater consistency, and extend their playing careers enabling them to play pain-free golf again.

But his training passion and expertise is not strictly limited to golf performance.  Through his association with TPI, Lenny has been drawn to and specialized in movement screening techniques and corrective exercise progressions developed by recognized performance innovators including Gray Cook (FMS) and Tom House (NPA).  The Functional Movement Screen and the NPA's Foundation Fitness protocols have been used successfully in group and corporate settings to restore normal, pain-free movement back to those who suffer chronic pain and joint restrictions brought on by overuse, lack of activity, and/or poor posture settings of work and daily activities.


"I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the confidence and support of each and every one of my clients and Pros.

I appreciate you, one and all."  -LM

“After 6 years working with Lenny I feel stronger and more flexible than I have in years. Real proof of value to me is my handicap index is the lowest it has been in my life...and I'm 61 years old! Thanks Lenny!”

Rob Bader, Lou, KY


“Working with Lenny Mello has helped me improve and maintain my fitness. After 60 years of playing, I have also learned more about the movements required in the golf swing. It's been a positive experience.”

Phil Armbruster, Lou, KY


“Lenny Mello has been a terrific partner in fostering the long-term health of our golf membership.  He is highly respected by our professional staff and membership.  I would recommend Lenny to any serious golfer interested in developing the physical side of his/her game.”

Eric Gilliland - PGA, Lou, KY


“I have been training with Lenny for about 5 years now (since I was 58yo.)  During this time, I have improved my flexibility, mobility, and strength with a net result of adding 30 to 40 yards to my distance to my drives.”

Brad Goranson, Lou, KY


 “As a 20+ year member of the PGA of America I have met a lot of people that have taught me a great deal, but Lenny Mello may be the one person that has educated me the most.  His knowledge of the golf swing, and how the body works in the swing is amazing.  His ability to relate limitations or weaknesses in a player’s body to their swing issues and inability to improve are always accurate.  I would recommend anyone who wants to play pain free, improve performance or just extend their golfing career to invest their time with Lenny Mello.”

Gary Bebelaar- PGA, Lou, KY


“Working with Lenny allowed me to improve my flexibility, mobility and golf specific strength. Lenny is an excellent trainer and really makes each session fun and rewarding.  I would highly recommend working with Lenny to improve your overall well-being!”

Rick F, Lou, KY


“I have worked with Lenny for six years, once—and sometimes twice—a week. I have gained in overall strength, flexibility and core strength. He is a superb motivator. I have become a much better golfer as a result. Thanks, Lenny!”

Dick Clay, Lou, KY

"Lenny has been such a key partner in my daughter's development as a D1 golfer. He knows when to push her, when to back off and is ALWAYS encouraging. We are blessed to have him on our team."

David Decker, Jeffersonville, IN

“I have been working with Lenny for the last 8 years.  In that time, my knowledge and awareness of my body and how it directly relates to my golf swing has expanded 100-fold.  There were certain movements throughout the golf swing that I was not able to perform correctly until I went through an evaluation with Lenny and understood my physical limitations.  This not only had an impact on my playing career, but it also has improved the way I teach golf and help my students.  Lenny’s impact on my life goes well beyond the game of golf.  The work we have done allows me to go through my day pain-free; this spring, I started the season with chronic shoulder pain, and after a few sessions with Lenny, I was able to play without any discomfort.  Lenny’s willingness to share his knowledge of overall health is something I appreciate.”

Blake Watts, PGA- Lou, KY

When I started training with Lenny my golf game was weak and inconsistent.  As a 55 year old some areas of my torso were not working and he was able to identify this quickly.  He was also able to get everything working together in a short period of time.  I was hitting the ball more solid and of course farther within a couple weeks. My handicap dropped by 2-3 shots and the game became fun again.  Lenny continues to change up his program and keeps things fresh and up to date. He is always a pleasure to be with and I feel confident he can help anyone improve their game. 

LRJ, Lou, KY